Hi and welcome!

I am Lale Byquist, a girl behind this tiny but cozy website :)

Public speaking is challenging. I know that for sure, as I was at pains to get through this challenge. Glossophobia did its best for me to collect actionable techniques and algorithms with an eye on conquering this fear once and forever.

It was worthwhile expending some effort:


I’ve won!

You are here now, so you are ready to accept the challenge and conquer your fear of public speaking, too, I suspect. Or, you are looking for proven tactics on honing your presentation skills, which could help you make a trustworthy speech, worth listening.

Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place, as I’ve created this website to make our presentation skills rock!

My story is world-old:

I am no slouch when it comes to combining my study of media communications at Trinity University (Texas) with a part-time job, and I took this “superpower” for granted until peers invited me to share my every trick in the book by delivering a speech at our college round table. The topic was How to enjoy your life being an A+ student, I prepared the text of my speech, I practiced a lot, and I… failed.

What’s happened?

“Nothing terrible,” I would answer today. But then it was a nightmare: I stood on the stage, my legs gave way, my voice was tremulous, and I forgot the speech. Trying to stay calm and improvise, I heard my friends giggling in the crowd. It killed me. To make a long story short, I fainted and got the nickname Fainty from peers.

That experience, together with three months of depression, helped me learn one thing:

To forget the problem, you need to focus on its solution.

My solution was learning everything about the fear of public speaking and ways to conquer it. This website systemizes all the information and organizes all the materials on the topic, including tips and techniques from the web, books, and my personal observations.

You are welcome to read, learn, comment, and be a part of everything that happens here. Don’t hesitate to contact if have something to add, object, send additional info on the topic, or just say hi and share your story with me: lale.byquist [at] gmail (dot) com

Let’s do our best to become heavy hitters of public speaking together!